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【News】UK led Europe's electric car surge in 2014




European electric vehicle market grew 37% in 2014, with £5,000 grants helping UK record the biggest increase, reports ENDS Europe

Europe’s electric vehicle market surged by 37% last year but electric cars still make up just 0.6% of overall new car registrations, industry figures published on Thursday show.

But more policy incentives are needed to encourage greater take-up, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) said.

The UK, which offers up to £5,000 premiums for electric and plug-in vehicles, along with tax exemptions, saw the biggest increase of any major market in new electric vehicle purchases in 2014. The UK also had the highest number of new electric vehicles at over 15,000.

However policy incentives have not worked across the board. The Netherlands, which offers consumers tax exemptions, experienced a 42% drop in sales compared to 2013.

New electric car registrations in Europe

The UK recorded a big increase in sales of 100% electric cars, 'range-extender' cars and plug-in hybrid cars in 2014

According to the ACEA, wider EU-level support would shift market focus from conventional fuel vehicles to electrics. It believes electric vehicles’ market share could grow to 2-8% in the 2020s but increased coordination by EU states in rolling out charging stations will be needed. Uniform standards for electric vehicle technology would also help.

Green group Transport & Environment said tighter 2025 CO2 standards forEurope could encourage investments in clean technology.