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【News】Tribological Coatings for Engine Coating and DLC Coating Applications





Tribological coatings minimize friction and wear on components such as those found in automotive engines. Hauzer Techno Coating offers tribological coatings such as DLC, CrN and ta-C for bulk production.

The key purpose of tribological coatings is for the reduction of friction and wear between interacting surfaces that are in relative motion. Hauzer Techno Coating is a leader in the tribological coating field. Component manufacturers and certified job coaters such as France, Czech Republic, Japan, China, Korea, Brazil and USA apply their PAVCVD coatings with Hauzer coating equipment.

Hauzer takes part in a number of development projects with international automotive OEMs, research centers, component manufacturers and universities.

Engine Coating

Each year, there are stricter regulations imposed for engine components. Common rail fuel injection needs multiple injections for each cycle in order to improve combustion. However, in the case of cars, several million injections are needed without considerable wear of engine components. Also, heavy duty manufacturers require that engines last at least one million miles without any significant wear. Every year, the European emission norm becomes ever more strict and is applied on a global scale.

One way to stick to these regulations and enhance engine performance is by using PACVD andPVD coatings on components. This can be achieved by developing appropriate plasma coatings for specific components in line with better wear resistance, lubrication and friction reduction.

The lifetime of a engine can be considerably extended by applying a PVD or PACVD coating on engine components. PVD or PACVD coatings are also applied to reduce friction. In a normal car at least 10 to 15% of the used energy is spent on friction losses.

It is possible to achieve a friction reduction of 40% because of a tribological diamond like carbon coating (DLC) applied to components such as valve train components. It is highly cost effective to apply the DLC coating using PACVD technology since no costly target materials are required.

The key benefits of engine coatings are:

  • Better friction reduction and wear resistance
  • Higher fuel economy
  • Lower carbon dioxide emissions