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Using the proper cutting tool for the material and application slashes hole making times, reduces users’ costs, and improves product quality.

Cutting tool insight

Arlington, Texas – The global metal machining industry requires faster, more accurate, and longer-lasting hole cutting tools that are able to deliver higher quality control standards. Partnering with the right cutting tool supplier can help slash hole making time, reduce costs, and improve quality.

Officials at ISCAR have launched several advanced new products, adding to the line of offerings in hole cutting.

HCP-IQ SUMOCHAM drilling heads  The SUMOCHAM drilling head line has been expanded with the introduction of a range of drilling heads that feature a new geometry. Engineers atISCAR’s R&D department designed the drilling heads to feature unique, concave cutting edges, which allow gradual entry into material. This measured penetration reduces torque and cutting forces, significantly enhances the drills’ self-centering capability, and results in improved hole circularity, straightness, concentricity, and surface finish. Tighter dimensional tolerances can be achieved.

Available in 8mm to 25.9mm diameters, in 0.1mm increments, the HCP-IQ drilling heads enable the use of drills of up to 12xD, without the need for pilot holes. The heads are available for drilling precise holes prior to reaming operations.

The HCP drilling heads are made from the IC908 TiAlN PVD nano-layer coating grade, providing extended tool life, peeling resistance, and slow, stable wear progression. Also, by eliminating pilot hole operations, the new drilling heads slash machining cycle times, and reduce by half the number of tools required for drilling operations.