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【News】Medical Coatings Market Worth $13.23 Billion by 2019




Medical coatings are widely used in the healthcare industry to modify the surfaces of devices, equipment, and implants. Coating may be of different types according to the specifications required by the customers. Antimicrobial coatings are used to prevent the growth of micro-organisms on the surfaces. Lubricious coatings are used to lubricate the surface of medical products. Lubricating surfaces helps to reduce the static and kinetic friction between two surfaces which leads to easy insertion, thereby reducing trauma. Optical coatings are used on optical devices to change their properties such as reflecting properties. Pharmacological coatings contain pharmacological substances that are released to achieve specific pharmacological functions.

Growth of the medical products manufacturing market is the major driver of the medical coatings market. Aging population and increasing life expectancy is fueling the demand for better healthcare in different regions. Moreover, increasing awareness about hospital acquired infections and increasing rate of minimal invasive surgeries are also driving the medical coatings market. Rising costs of raw materials and healthcare facilities is one of the inhibitors of the market. Regulatory approvals process is another important aspect of this industry. The medical device and coating manufacturers are looking for regions where the regulatory approval processes are fast and less complicated. This is the reason many U.S. based medical device manufacturers prefer to launch their products in the European region rather than in the U.S. region. Growing healthcare market in the developing regions along with the advancement in medical product designing is offering ample opportunity for the steady growth of the medical coatings market.