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【News】South America Metallic Coating Additives Market




South America metallic coating additives market is estimated to reach $99.6 million by 2018, registering a CAGR of 5.6% between 2013 and 2018. The key driver of the market is the extensive use of metallic additives for protection from UV rays and corrosion as well as to obtain metallic texture in various construction, industrial, automotive, and other industrial applications.


The report on South America metallic coating additives market defines and segments the metallic coating additives market in the region with analyses and projections of the size of the South America Metallic Coating Additives market, both in terms of volume (KT) and value ($million).


The various segments of the market are based on the applications, ingredients, functions, and countries. All these segments have been accounted for while calculating the overall market size. The report is based on the information collected and verified after a thorough research, which utilized both primary and secondary sources. It focuses on each market segment, highlighting the performance and projected contribution of these segments to the overall regional market. 


The South America Metallic Coating Additives market report also provides an extensive competitive landscape of the companies operating in this market.  It also includes the company profiles and competitive strategies adopted by various market players in the South America Acrylic Resin Coating Additives Market.