Atmospheric Pressure Plasma SAP006

Production Description

Creating Nano SAP006 Atmospheric Pressure Plasma (AP Plasma) was designed by professional engineers in an eco-friendly environment to completely remove any kind of organic pollutants. SAP006 AP plasma treatment system’s unique design features and certified R&D patterns will tremendously increase surface bonding under normal operating conditions to produce ecofriendly products without compromising the reusability of materials. Our mission and value proposition is to create an error-free production environment to increase the overall benefits & profits of our clients.

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment Wide DBD

Unique Functionalities

SAP006 Atmospheric plasma system removes organic impurities in atmospheric pressure; cleans and improves surface bonding properties; improves the strength of package materials; improves adhesive strength and printing effects; and has a special plasma electrode design.

Product Features

  • SAP006 system supports special patent designs
  • High efficiency and high throughput rate
  • Uniform Plasma stream spray
  • Compact electrode to treat positive and negative surface materials
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Integrate with production line system
  • Treat any material with damaging device chemical properties
  • Medical industry: Syringes, catheters, culture dish sterilization
  • Electronics industry: Mobile phone keypads and casing clean activation
  • Packaging industry: Bottles, caps Lamination and pre-coating
  • Industrial materials: Circular pipe, circular column and metal sheet pre-treatment
  • Optical industry: Optical fiber, lens and grating clean
  • Supports all kind of Industrial surface modification and activation process
  • Supports and improves various surface cleaning methods before process