Atmospheric Pressure Plasma SAP009SA

Production Description

Creating Nano SAP009SA Atmospheric Pressure Plasma (AP Plasma) was designed by professional engineers in an eco-friendly environment to completely remove any kind of organic pollutants. SAP009AP plasma treatment system’s unique design features and certified R&D patterns will tremendously increase surface bonding under normal operating conditions to produce ecofriendly products without compromising the reusability of materials. Our mission and value proposition is to create an error-free production environment to increase the overall benefits & profits of our clients.

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment jet

Unique Functionalities

SAP009SA Atmospheric Plasma boasts a compact design for educational and research purposes, cutting-edge 3-in-1 patterned cabinet (Plasma head, transformer and main controller) andstable plasma flow that is arc free.

Product Features

  • Excellent plasma cleaning efficiency
  • Multiple plasma module design patterns are available
  • Start / Stop at any time & any direction without warming up plasma Jet (for 009SX)
  • Safe operation and maintenance
  • Designed to operate without a vacuum chamber
  • Low Power, Gas and Energy Consumption
  • Process of gas: Inexpensive N2, CDA(Air), O2
  • Process of materials: Glass, Plastic, Metallic, Ceramics, Rubber etc.
  • Academic and Industrial Research
  • Laboratory
  • Photoelectric element (STN, TFT, OLED, LTPS, LED, SAM and Dipping)
  • Various kinds of Electronic components Solar surface treatment reduction
  • Automobiles and Bicycles parts
  • Food processing and Packaging
  • Medical and Biotechnology research applications
  • Composite, Revertex and Textiles materials
  • Home appliances
  • Touch Panel
  • All kinds of Coating, Printing, Packaging and Adhesive strength