Anti-Smudge (AS) coater

Production Description

Creating Nanoanti-smudge /anti-fingerprint membrane surface self-cleaning (self-cleaning) has a double thinning effect (hydro / oleo phobic) on film and is used in anti-fingerprint touch panel glass and anti-fingerprint metal. In addition to anti-fingerprint applications, it can also be used as a nano coating to protect from rust, stains, and acid.

Anti-smudge AS coater

Product Features

  • Suitable for different anti-smudge solutions, and the water contact angle can reach 110~120º
  • High mass production rate
  • In-line coating production is available
  • Low AS chemical cost
  • Advanced AP plasma treatment included
  • High film quality with higher than 3000 times the abrasion test
  • Liquid flow control for AS spray coating


  • Protective glass for touch panel, protective film for TV, transparent anti-finger substrate, E-paper, PDA, anti-finger for glasses, mouse, and USB, anti-rust for PCB, decrease lost by friction.