Optical film coater (Desktop)

Production Description

Creating Nano desktop optical film coater is suitable for low viscosity solutions and sprays in atmospheric pressure.
It can be used for optical film coating (such as anti-reflection film / AR anti-smudge film / AS, anti-glare film / AG, anti-fog film / AF, etc.) and can be combined with the AP plasma system for plasma treatment before coating.

Desktop Optical film coater

Product Features

  • Suitable for low viscosity solutions
  • Many applications, such as the AR / AG / Hard coating with high uniformity
  • Closed system, low pollution
  • Easy to operate
  • Small and does not occupy a lot of space
  • Protective glass for touch panel, windshields, and TV, optical film coating for transparent substrate, E-paper, PDA, satellite navigation screen, solar glass, architectural glass, anti-fingerprint or hard coating for glasses.