DLC Coating Film

Production Description

Diamond-like carbon coating is one of Creating Nano's core technologies. The company has also developed the first self-promotion on the market and the successful manufacturing of diamond-like carbon film. The success of the intermediate film designed to overcome poor adhesion and stress caused by peeling off has received many patents, and its use for protection in a variety of molds, such as CDs, glasses molds and so on shows that the industry is highly positive about this innovative technology. The launch of the Creating Nano's diamond-like carbon coating systems will not just involve hardware sold separately, but will accompany the diamond-like carbon coating with the know-how upon release, assisting with the education and training of relevant personnel to address any problems of the manufacturing process; this is the so-called technology licensing or transfer.

DLC coating film

Product Features

  • Diamond-like carbon film is one of our core techniques, and we are the first in Taiwan to develop and market it successively. By using medium multi-layer film, its adhesion was promoted and was qualified for a patent. Now, DLC films are widely applied in various mold protections, such as CD-R molds, glasses molds, etc. and are popular sanctions.
  • The business of the DLC system is not only for the equipment but also the technique-transfer and training.
  • High hardness (2000~6000 kgf / mm)
  • Surface smooth]Ra10nm^
  • Very dense
  • Excellent wear resistant
  • Chemical inertness
  • Low friction coefficient] ~0.01^
  • High resistivity]108-1013ohm-cm^
  • Good heat conductivity]4-10W/m-K^
  • Refraction index about 1.8~2.3]visible light region^
  • IR transparency
  • Good biological compatibility
  • Low temperature process (<400°C)
  • CD-R disk mold and Parts
  • Eye glass mold mobile phone mold
  • Plastic Injection mold cutting mold precise mold
  • IC molding mold
  • Bearing axis bearing
  • IC sucker
  • Cutting tool