Plasma MF Power Supply MFPS series

Production Description

Creating Nano’s MFPS series plasma power supply was specially designed to support the plasma system to maintain uniform operation by using a cutting-edge arc protection mechanism that will effectively withstand all kinds of overloads.

PVD Plasma MF Power Supply

Unique Functionalities

  • Support three modes (Constant Power, Voltage and Current)

  • Exclusive ARC protection

  • Supports High voltage, High current, High temperature and over load protection

  • Single or double fire wire output (no polarity)

  • PLC Port interface compatible with AE-PEII series

Product Features

  • Digital signal controller

  • Adjustable frequency

  • Wide power range

  • High plasma density

  • Allows for customization

  • Desmear process in PCB manufacturing

  • Surface Cleaning for LCD panel, glass, plastics manufacturing

  • Metal coating in plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) process